How we roll.

Effective design is the result of true teamwork. That is why we prefer to tackle a story together with our clients. A strong collaboration starts with an open and receptive mind. No politics and no bureaucracy. Fresqo offers transparency, professionalism and positivity. That’s how we get things done.

What our process looks like:

All good things come in threes:

Be it primary colors or the Hanson brothers, at Fresqo we believe in the rule of 3.

We love transparency and oversight, that’s why we work in small client focused teams. Each team consists of a Thinker, a Creator and a Fixer. And because every role is equally important, we always use an hourly rate of €100.

Standard solutions are seldom solutions. Together with our clients, we asses what a project needs. Together we determine the amount Thinking, Creating and Fixing hours are needed to develop a story with maximum impact.

  • The Fixer

    Our face, our voice and always the point of contact. Fixers are responsible for the planning and the budget. They ensure that each project runs smoothly and that our clients are happy from the get go.

  • The Thinker

    Powerful stories have a clear central message and a logical narrative. Our Thinkers are champions in simplifying and structuring. They dig into content and always come up with a golden nugget.

  • The Creator

    Creators are the real magicians; they are developers and designers who always manage to surpass expectations and bring every story to life.