About Fresqo

Thinker Creator Fixer

Project teams consist of Thinkers, Creators and Fixers. Three's company too, we cover everything a client may need.

Our workflow

From idea to impact in 5 functional stages that make up our workflow.

We're here to beat boring

No one likes boring. To make a real impact you have to catch the eye and generate a smile.

We shape stories

Videos, animation, explainers, commercials, GIFs & social content to inform, convince, inspire, educate, empower and impress your audience.

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We have fun

We believe true creativity is the most amazing thing in the world. Working with us should be fun. We aim to have a positive impact on everyone we meet and work with. At Fresqo, everyone’s invited to the party.

Questions? Cool project? Reach out to sven@fresqo.com