HvA Year Kick-off

The HBO-ICT department at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences welcomes 1000 new students every year, who decide to continue on from secondary education. The new students have a lot to discover during the presentation of the course.

The department asked us to think about how we can introduce the students to the most important points of contacts. Who can they contact for general questions? What does a student counselor do? Is it possible to study abroad?

Based on further conversations and input from the HBO-ICT students, Fresqo made an animation which presents all points of contact in a style which is adapted to the target group. A silent film without a voice-over was chosen, so that students can easily view the content on their mobiles at a later date, without needing sound. We created the illustrations for the animation based on characters from games that HBO-ICT students play.

The new students were presented with something completely different to previous years. An exciting way to convey information in the digital age.