IDH sustainable trade

How do you tell a story that is meant for people who are illiterate?

IDH unites companies, CSOs and governments in order to drive sustainable production and create a positive impact on the Sustainable Development Goals. One of the focus areas of IDH is having a positive impact on deforestation and the living incomes in the various areas that the different players operate in.

Fresqo Agency Amsterdam

IDH asked Fresqo to develop educational materials for the Liberian Landscape Approach, which focuses on the sustainable production of palm oil. By means of a training program, IDH wants to inform the local community about the program and the opportunity to join this.

IDH Fresqo
Fresqo Palm oil IDH

We designed a poster and booklet, and created all illustrations by hand. The challenge here, was that most people in these local communities are illiterate. They are not exposed to the information that we process each day. Therefore, a realistic depiction is very important to convey the message.

IDH Fresqo