Shopping typefaces and building your own private font-library doesn't come cheap. For exactly that reason, Monotype, the world's leading provider of typefaces, introduced a new service: The Monotype Library Subscription offers unlimited access to over 2,200 font families for a low monthly fee.

To showcase this brand new service, Monotype launched a promotional film. We joined forces and created the animations for this film.

Monotype Fresqo Agency Amstedam

All we could work with were squares and the various fonts that are included in the library. It was a challenge our designers loved, with the result showing exactly that. Simple and clean animations drawing attention to the fonts.

Fresqo Agency Amsterdam Monotype Paper study

We used our origami skills to combine and transform these squares and introduce the top 8 fonts.

Fresqo Agency Amsterdam Monotype
Fresqo Agency Amsterdam Monotype