Skyscrapers helps young graduates kick start their career. During a 12-month talent incubator they help these graduates learn and develop the soft and hard skills needed to become Young Influencers: Smart, Eager & Authentic, impact driven and not afraid to walk off the beaten track. By doing so Skyscrapers helps its partners to find and connect Young Influencers to their organizations.

Now it’s time for Skyscrapers itself to take the next step. As a strategic talent development community that stands for close collaboration between business and talent, they give young talent the chance to transform themselves and have an impact on society. To reflect that new identity we reinvented their branding, together.

The visual identity is emerged from the three characteristics that define a Skyscraper trainee: Smart, Eager and Authentic. From here we created the ‘pulse’. It resembles a widened horizon, transformation, impact and development. And if you want to look at it as actual skyscrapers, that’s totally fine with us as well. We used strong, spontaneous and daring colors and a smart and modern typography.