Superunie represents 13 independent retail organisations as the central buyer. All products that are purchased and delivered to members via Superunie must meet data requirements. To make sure everyone involved is informed about the correct data requirements, Superunie developed 'Adam'. Adam is an accessible online platform where all data is stored in one place.

Superunie asked us to create content to introduce Adam. Multiple objectives were defined for the various campaign target groups. The reason for having correct data needed to be made clear, in addition to the advantages of the new platform. Given that data is not the most appealing of subjects, the challenge we faced was to bring the story to life.

We introduced the new platform in a series of animations, through easily understandable examples. Adam, a character that references the platform, is central to the campaign. Inspired by ones and zeros, but with an accessible and friendly appearance, Adam walks through the process with the viewer. In addition to the animations, information that is specific to certain target groups is dealt with in digital brochures and infographics

The press release about the launch of Adam was well picked up by the trade media. A variety of articles discussed Superunie's innovative approach and emphasised the value of data quality thanks to our animation.